Social Responsibility


Heath is precious for life and we aim to be the cartaker of the health. A solution to the Health problems of the society. Pharmtak envisions itself as a major Healthcare provide and the thought with which the foundation of the company is laid, i.e, affordable and in the betterment of the society.

We pledge never to part with the quality of our product, as life is the most precious income.


Humanity is to understand what consequences that we bring with what we do. How they impact others and the environment. How we are responsible for the faults outside. Once we find the answer we will be Humans and we at Pharmtak are trying our best to became Humans and to learn Humanity.

We campaign for the betterment of the society and the nation through our collaboration with certain organization that work for free Medicare for the Needy. Organization like Help Agra and Apna Ghar Foundation are working along with Pharmtak to make a change in the Society.

Pharmtak in association with Help Agra has donated a Critical Care Ambulance in which immediate assistance is available for patients in need of Emergency medications of highly specialized medical care during transport.

Pharmtak Ophthalmic organizes free eye care camp for people who cannot afford the expenses of eye treatment in remembrance of Founder Late Shri. Narendra Agarwal. At the camp company provides the needy with free medicines and clothes.

A clean Environment what we seek and we @Pharmtak ensures a healthy work place for our employees along with a positive attitude and safety at work.

We promote Equality in the workplace and respect every culture, language, caste and creed.

We work forward for " A Better Community, A better Society, A Better Nation and A Better World"