Isol-6 (Eye Ointment)

Isol-6 (Eye Ointment)



Sodium Chloride 6.0%


Isol-6 Hyper tonic eye ointment uses the hypertonic nature of sodium Chloride solution to relieve the swelling in the corneal part of the eye. Its administrations also help in getting rid of eye irritants and the discomforts related to the swollen cornea.

MODE OF ACTION- Sodium chloride when indicated topically as ophthalmic solution it acts as per its property. In accord to the process of osmosis, it facilitates the outward movement of water from the cornea thus relieving from the swelling.

PARAFFIN BASE- Paraffin is a form of petroleum jelly and its main function is to lubricate the eye along with lubrication it possess higher retention time and anti-biotic properties.

Corneal Edema, Bullous Keratopathy and Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Apply small amount after every 3-4 hours, increase the time interval as per the response or as directed by physician.


  1. Sodium chloride drops may be harmful if swallowed.
  2. If irritation persists or increases discontinue use and consult the physician.
  3. If you are wearing contact lenses, remove them before using eye drops. Wait at least 15 minutes before replacing your contact lenses.
  4. Use within one month after opening the tube
  5. It may cause temporary burning and irritation

SIDE EFFECTS- Mild burning, redness, or temporary blurred vision may occur.