Hytak Gold Eye Drops

Hytak Gold Eye Drops

Dry corneal epithelium is exposed to rubbing, leading to scar formation, irritation, and inflammation.


(Deal With tear film instability and epithelial damage in a Better Way)


  • DROP CONTROL SYSTEM for DROP Accuracy as an Added Advantage

HYTAK GOLD Contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural polymer which is also present in the structures of the human eye. The particular physical characteristics of Sodium Hyaluronate confer to this formulation its visco-elastic and water retaining properties. Sodium Hyaluronate provides a stable coating on the surface of the eye, which is slowly eliminated by Blinking. Trehalose, a disaccharide of glucose, enables wound healing by protecting cells, especially cell membranes, from oxidative injury and stress. Therefore, HYTAK GOLD combines long lasting relief with maximum comfort. It is well tolerated due to its unique composition.

Mechanism of Action: Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops have unique physical properties that make them ideal for use in the treatment of sensation of ocular dryness. The most important property of Sodium Hyaluronate Solution is its viscoelasticity.This property allows such solutions, when instilled into the eye, to behave differently during and between blinks. During blinks, shear stress causes the molecules of Sodium Hyaluronate in solution to align with one another. As a result, the solution becomes elastic and relatively non viscous and spreads easily over the surface of the cornea. Between blinks, the molecules of Sodium Hyaluronate form a tangled meshwork and the solution becomes less elastic and more viscous. Consequently, the precorneal tear film is stabilized and the residence time of the solution on the surface of the eye is maximized. Sodium Hyaluronate is highly effective in relieving symptoms associated with sensation of dryness. It can aid the healing of superficial keratitis, increases tear film break up time and also very comfortable for the eye. In dry eye syndrome, Trehalose decreases cell apoptosis and reduce oxidative, inflammatory and proteolytic activity at the ocular surface. It decreases intracorneal inflammation and reduces corneal neovascularization. The nontoxicity of Trehalose allows its administration in humans for extended periods and enables its use in various disease states.

For the treatment of sensation of dryness and other minor complaints of no pathological significance, as well as burning and ocular fatigue induced. For example by dust, smoke , dry heat, air conditioning, extended computer screen use or contact lens wear.

Dosage should be individualized and the appropriate strength should be selected based on the severity of the condition and patient response. Place one or two drops of HYTAK GOLD Into the conjunctival sac of eye as often as needed. After blinking the solution will disperse and from a transparent and long-lasting coating on the surface of eye.

Adverse effects reported include eye sting, burn or itch (irritation),foreign body sensation , scratches area, excessive watering (tearing) of the eye, unusual eye secretions, redness of the eye, reduce sharpness of vision, rainbows of halos around objects, sensitivity to light (photo phobia).

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR INJECTION. If discomfort persists or increases, the use of this drug should be discontinued and the patient should consult the doctor immediately. Use the solution within one month after opening the container. If the solution becomes cloudy or dark brown, it should be discarded. Keep the medicine out of reach of children.