Glunil (Eye Drops)

Glunil (Eye Drops)



Timolol Maleate IP eq. to Timolol 0.5%


Glunil Eye Drops consists of Timolol maleate, which is a beta blocker that enables the blocking of beta receptors present on cells of different muscles. As an ophthalmic solution it acts on the beta receptors of the ciliary epithelium of the e ye and blocks the receptors responsible for the production of aqueous humour (increase in its production causes the increase of the intra ocular pressure resulting in Glaucoma), thus decreasing the pressure.

Chronic open angle glaucoma, Primary glaucoma, Secondary glaucoma, childhood glaucoma and lowering of intraocular pressure.

Instill a drop in the effected eye(s) twice a day, when the pressure is maintained at satisfactory levels the dosage can be scheduled to one drop a day in the affected eye(s).

  1. In angle closed glaucoma should be used with other drugs as timolol has no effect on the pupil.
  2. Ocular pressure should be monitored timely
  3. If allergic discontinue the use and contact your eye doctor


  1. Transient burning sensation, blurred vision , eye irritation, inflammation and redness.
  2. Reduction in resting heart rate and blood pressure.