Dfrot (Eye Drops)

Dfrot (Eye Drops)



Difluprednate 0.05%


DFROT contains Difluprednate, designed especially for relieving the patient from post operative discomforts like swelling, pain, redness, irritation or inflammation. It also has a side benefit of treating Endogenous Anterior Uveitis. DFROT formulated with one of the best corticosteroid present with the following properties-:

  1. High potency of binding with the receptors resulting in lesser dosage.
  2. Long half life decreases the need of frequent doses.
  3. Tissue level metabolism results in lower systematic steroid exposure.

It binds with the corticosteroid receptors and alters the protein synthesis thus prevents the leukocyte infiltration at the site of inflammation, interferes in the function of the mediators responsible for the inflammatory response, suppresses the humoral immune responses and reduction in edema or scar tissue. The anti-inflammatory actions involve phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins which control the biosynthesis of potent mediators of inflammation such as prostaglandins.

Endogenous Anterior Uveitis, Refractory Diabetic Macular Edema and post operative inflammation and pain.

Instill one drop into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye(s) 4 times a day or as directed by the Eye Doctor.


  1. The use of steroids after cataract surgery may delay healing.
  2. If allergic discontinue the use and contact your eye doctor.
  3. If the emulsion becomes dark brown, it should be discarded.


Elevates intraocular pressure, Blurry Vision, Posterior sub capsular cataract formation, Secondary ocular infection from pathogens like virus, fungus and bacteria, May lead to Corneal edema, Eye pain, Photophobia and May result in cataract formation.