Cyclotak (Eye Drops)

Cyclotak (Eye Drops)



Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride 1%

CYCLOTAK is composed of Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride (1%) sterile ophthalmic solution which works effectively in paralyzing the accommodative power of the Iris accompanying pupil dilation through parasympathetic path that controls the Iris Sphincter muscles responsible for contracting the pupil.

Mode of Action:

Cyclopentolate is an anti-cholinergic class that are specialized in blocking the actions stimulated by Acetylcholine. The ciliary body in eyes contains muscarinic receptors in the parasympathetically innervated smooth muscle fibers that are regulated by acetylcholine causing the constriction of Iris Sphincter Muscles. Cyclopentolate blocks the activation of muscarinic receptors by blocking acetylcholine in turn rendering the constriction of iris sphincter muscles and the ciliary body (responsible for accommodative power). Thus producing the condition of Pupil dilation, Cyclopelgia accompanying mydriasis.

  • To produce conditions of Cyclopelgia and Mydriasis
  • For the examination of retina, optic disc and measurement of refractive error.
  • Dilating the pupil in inflammatory conditions of the iris and uveal tract, such as iritis and uveitis.
  • Prevent the formation of adhesions between the lens and the iris.
  • For Examination: One or Two drops in the eye 30 minutes before examination and may be repeated in 5-10 minutes if needed.
  • For treatment of Uveitis/Iritis: Instill One or Two Drops in the eye(s) after every 3-4 Hours.
  • Apply pressure over the naso-lacrimal sac for two to three minutes


  • Complete recovery may take 24 Hours.
  • Do not administer while wearing contact lenses as they can absorb the solution and wear the lenses after 15 minutes of application.
  • For Ophthalmic use only, not for injection.

Adverse Effect:

  • Elevation of IOP, burning, irritation, photophobia, blurred vision, superficial punctuate keratitis, etc.
  • May cause disturbance in CNS with abuse dosage.
  • Allergic reactions characterized with constant irritation, blurred vision and itching eyes.