Brite (Eye Drops)

Brite (Eye Drops)



sodium carboxymethyl cellulose 3mg, N-acetyl-L-Carnosine 10mg, Glycerine 10mg, Boric acid 3mg


BRITE Eye Drops are for treatment of cataracts and soreness. N-acetyl carnosine Eye Drops (Brite Eye Drops) have been proven a most effective treatment for preventing or delaying cataracts. N-acetyl carnosine eye drops have been shown to delay vision senescence in humans, being effective in 100% of cases of primary senile cataract and 80% of cases of mature senile cataract (Wang et al. 2000). N-acetyl carnosine in BRITE Eye Drops are able to enter both the aqueous and lipid parts of the eye, and they have been shown to prevent and repair light-induced DNA strand breaks in the eye along with slow reduction of the cataractous tissues in the lens, improving the transparency of the lens

Brite Eye Drops is an advanced eye formula that contains 1% N acetyl carnosine along with Carboxy Methyl Cellulose and Glycerin that not only provide better drug delivery through increased systemic absorption in the cornea but also relieves from the dry eye symptoms.

All in all providing soothing effect and offers protection to the lens of the eyes from free radicals because of its unique formulation of lubricants, an anti-glycating agent, and antioxidant that when topically applied can penetrate and protect the lipid tissues of the eye against light damage. Brite Eye Drops will help to diminish free radical damage and the harmful effects of glycosylation associated with degenerative eye disease.

Boric Acid is used as a pH stabilizer and Stabilized Oxychloro Complex as preservative that Stabilized Oxychloro Complex (SOS) works as preservative in the Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose solution, is an oxidative-type preservative that oxidizes in the presence of light and dissociate into water, oxygen, sodium and chlorine free radicals.

Senile Cataracts, Computer Vision Syndrome, Glare Sensitivity, Visual Impairment, Dry Eye Syndrome and Blurred Vision

Instill 1-2 Drops of BRITE Eye Drops twice a day or as directed by your Eye Doctor.

  • Do not swallow solution.
  • If solution changes color or becomes cloudy, do not use.
  • To avoid contamination, do not touch bottle tip on any surface and avoid direct contact with the eye.
  • Close the bottle tightly immediately after use.
  • Hypersensitivity towards any of the component.

Adverse Effect:

Although no side effects are observed with the application of Brite Eye Drops. But rare side effects like Stinging, Blurred Vision, headache, Dizziness, etc may be observed.